Everything you always wanted to know about Sildenafil

07 September, 2020  |  Raja

Sildenafil is a medicine commonly also known as Viagra. It is a common medicine known to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction. These days, it is easily available as an over the counter medication, and now you can even buy cheap sildenafil online.

About the medicine

Sildenafil is a specific medicine that is used to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction in men. The way it works is that it raises the flow of blood into the penis in order to help men have an erection. Every two out of three men have had improvements in erection after consuming Sildenafil. Many times, this same medication is also used to treat the condition of pulmonary hypertension, which refers to the high pressure of blood in the vessels supplying blood to the lungs. You can either get sildenafil through a prescription or buy it without one, from any pharmacy. You can buy cheap sildenafil online that is more convenient as they deliver to your home. The tablets can be swallowed or chewed, or are available as a liquid to drink.

How does it work?

Usually, sildenafil takes between half an hour to one hour to show its effects on erectile dysfunction. You can consume the tablet up to 4 hours prior to having sex. However, only taking sildenafil will not work, as you also need to be aroused for it to function properly. Side effects of taking sildenafil include feeling sick, headaches, dizziness, and hot flushes. Some men do not have any side effects from taking sildenafil. If you have been taking nitrates used for treating chest pain, then it is better to avoid sildenafil. This combination can be dangerous as it results in massive reduction in blood pressure. However, if you do not take nitrates, then you can easily buy cheap sildenafil online to treat the condition.

Who should avoid and who should take sildenafil?

If used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, then sildenafil can be taken by men aged over 18 years. It is not meant to be consumed by children or women. If used in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, then it can be taken by children over 1 year of age, and by adults. However, if you have had an allergic reaction to Viagra earlier, then best to avoid sildenafil. If you have a serious liver or heart problem, then it is also advised not to buy cheap sildenafil online.

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