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17 August, 2020  |  Holy Winter - Healthcare Writer

Interested in a tried and tested treatment for erectile dysfunction? Sildenafil is a low-cost, medically equivalent alternative to Viagra that can be purchased with a valid prescription from a qualified doctor. Now you get a free prescription and buy cheap Sildenafil online from a regulated UK internet pharmacy.

Cheaper than Viagra

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra, the most trusted medication around the world to treat erectile dysfunction. When Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Viagra, ran its patent over Viagra in 2013, it opened the doors for many other pharmaceutical companies to produce Sildenafil. Due to competition among different companies, generic Sildenafil is available at a much lower price than Viagra but it’s just as effective as branded Viagra and carries the same side effects.

Important to Choose Regulated Online Pharmacy

Sildenafil starts working within half an hour of taking the medication and its effect can last for up to four hours or more in the presence of sexual arousal. When you decide to buy cheap Sildenafil online, it’s better to choose a fully legal and regulated UK internet pharmacy. Regulated online pharmacies purchase medications from government approved wholesale suppliers whereas unregulated ones may be selling fake or poor quality medications that could be ineffective or potentially compromise your health.

Complete Online Medical Questionnaire

Sildenafil is available on the NHS but you would have to pay the additional prescription fee and fulfill strict eligibility criteria. When you order to buy cheap Sildenafil online, you simply fill an online medical questionnaire that will be reviewed by a doctor to check for your eligibility. If approved, the doctor will provide an e-prescription free of charge and send it to the pharmacy section from where it is dispensed in plain, discrete packaging.

Read Medical Information about Sildenafil

Customers should provide honest answers to questions in the medical questionnaire. When you buy cheap Sildenafil online, you can select the strength – 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg and the quantity required. Usually, 50 mg is the starting dose which can be altered later on to 25 mg or 100 mg depending on the person’s response. Customers should thoroughly review the Patient Information Leaflet to understand the repercussions of taking the medication and follow instructions to the tee for best results.

Order Sildenafil now from a GPhC registered and MHRA authorized online pharmacy and enjoy better sex, relationships and life!

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