Travelling Using The Antibody Test

23 March, 2021  |  Camran Khan

Travelling Using The Antibody Test

What are Antibodies?

In medical jargon, antibodies are proteins produced and secreted by B cells then discharged into the blood to move freely and adhere to proteins on the virus or bacterial surface (antigens). Antibodies are Y-shaped molecules produced by the body’s immune system in response to antigens. 

Difference between Antibodies and Antigens 

In simpler layman terms, all viruses are covered in different shaped proteins having various functions. Some of these shapes help the virus function; others not so much; these shapes on the virus are called Antigens. The first time your body gets invaded with a virus that you’ve never had before, initially, you won’t have any antibodies to help fight the virus. Luckily there are other ways your immune system can help fight the virus until the B cells can produce the antibodies, which usually takes a while. Now eventually, after a few days of infection, the B cells start producing antibodies. The antibodies’ Y shape helps them grab onto the different shaped antigens on the virus. 

If the antibodies grab onto the more significant antigens, it neutralizes the virus. After these antibodies destroy the virus, they stay in your system for some time so they can fight off the virus if you catch it again, and the cells that make these antibodies also keep a record so that they can make more antibodies faster next time. 

Purpose of an Antibody Test

An Antibody test is used to see whether or not you’ve previously been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. It does not confirm immunity; in any case, however, having antibodies reduces the chances of contracting the virus again for some time.

Process of getting an Antibody Test from IQ Doctor 

The process of getting an Antibody Test is not at all complicated and is relatively fast and straightforward. IQ Doctor is a fully legal, registered British online pharmacy from which you can buy the anti body testing kit online and take a sample for your test at home. Below are detailed steps that you can follow to complete the process efficiently:



Registration of Testing Kit

Once your test kit arrives, you need to register your kit by signing in to the IQ Doctor web portal, using the ID given on the label enclosed within the Testing Kit. The Antibody Testing kit comes with a collection tube, three lancets, three alcohol swabs, three plasters, a sample label and protective packaging.

Arrange the Equipment

Make sure to wash your hands before you begin using the testing kit. Open the container tube and place this collection bottle on the protective packaging. The protective packaging acts as a stand. It is recommended to stand up for the process to ensure proper blood flow.

Pre-Process Steps

Before pricking your finger for the sample, clean it with an alcohol swab and a clean tissue, ensuring that the finger is completely dry. Then open the lancet, twist and remove the blue stick. 

Pricking Your Finger

Using your non-dominant hand, point the lancet at the outer edge of your ring finger. The lancet will activate when pressed firmly against the skin. Doing this will prick your finger, and a small drop of blood will form; wipe the initial drop away with a tissue.


Blood Sample Collection

Step 1 : 

Massage your hand in a downward position gently for 3-4 seconds, moving towards the finger. Do not squeeze the blood out of the piercing and massage your ring finger while collecting the blood sample in the container tube until you fill to the required level as indicated on the container.

Step 2:

In case you cannot collect enough blood. Wipe your finger with a clean tissue and wait for 5-10 seconds until the blood droplets start to form again before resuming collection. In the case this does not work, you can use the spare lancet to prick the ring finger of your other hand. 

Step 3:

Once the container has reached the required level, you can apply the plaster provided in the testing kit to your finger and wipe away extra blood from the container’s rim using a clean tissue. Close the lid of the container tightly until you can hear an audible click. 

Post-Process Steps

Fill the boxes on the sample label using a ballpoint pen. Send your kit with Royal mail as per the instructions included. You get the result within a time-span of three to five days of the lab receiving the results. You can check your results by signing into your account made on IQ Doctor’s online portal at the time of registration.

Why Choose IQ Doctor for The Antibody test

IQ Doctor UK is an online pharmaceutical store that provides you with a wide range of for COVID-19—certified by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and CE marked. IQ Doctor aims to provide its patients with an excellent user experience; we provide complete confidentiality and 100% discretion. In the Antibody Test case, IQ Doctor UK uses an Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Immunoassay for accurate testing. The test has been verified to withstand transportation conditions.

The IQ Doctor team provides our customers with professional and informative advice and makes sure that the process runs effectively and smoothly for everyone.

Can I Travel Abroad Using my Antibody Test?


People often tend to get confused about whether or not having an Antibody makes them eligible for travelling abroad. The simple answer is no; you cannot travel abroad if you have an antibody test showing that you have COVID-19 antibodies. 

Why Can I Not Use the Antibody Test for Travelling?

People who recover from COVID-19 develop antibodies that move around in the bloodstream and neutralize the virus. Antibodies are produced in an individual’s body a few days or weeks after contracting the virus. Having antibodies means that the person is either COVID-19 positive or has had COVID-19 in the recent past. It can also mean that the individual may have a different variant of COVID-19. The Antibody test is not eligible to be used for travelling abroad because it cannot tell you whether you currently are COVID-19 positive or not.

Which COVID-19 Test Makes You Eligible for Travelling?

If you want to travel abroad, you may want to get a diagnostic test done, like RT-PCR testing with a Fit-to-Fly certification.

An RT-PCR test tells us whether an individual currently has COVID-19 or not. IQ Doctor also provides you with an RT-PCR test kit with the option of getting a Fit-to-Fly certification as well, which is suitable for people looking to travel abroad. Travelling abroad with a Fit-to-Fly certificate not only makes the process easier, but it also makes the trip safer for the people you’re travelling with. 

The Fit-to-Fly Certificate is generated automatically if the COVID-19 result of the RT-PCR Test is negative. Usually, these tests are analysed within 24 hours of receipt at the lab., It’s important to keep in mind the required testing window may vary from country to country.

Travelling Smarter in the Pandemic 

This certification is a step toward building a better and safer travelling experience for everyone. Following all these government-issued schemes and acquiring all necessary documents and certificates before travelling abroad is a smart way to go about your travel. It will not only ensure your safety but also helps ensure the safety of your fellow passengers.

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