The Difference Between the ‘Morning After Pill’ and the Abortion Pill

12 May, 2021  |  Holy Winter - Healthcare Writer

The Difference Between the ‘Morning After Pill’ and the Abortion Pill

Using some form of birth control or contraception while having sex is the best way to prevent pregnancy. There are several options available for use as contraception in the short and long term. In unprotected sex or a condom failure, emergency contraception methods are used, such as the Morning-After Pill and the Abortion Pill.

The Morning-After Pill is a method of emergency contraception. The Morning-After Pill can prevent a pregnancy if taken up to 96 hours (5 days) after having unprotected sex. The Morning-After Pill contains a medication that decreases the chances of getting pregnant. 

The Morning-After Pill is available over the counter without any age restrictions. 

On the other hand, the medication known as the “Abortion Pill” is a combination of two chemicals.

The first is a chemical called Mifepristone, which works to induce an abortion artificially. This medicine can be taken (preferably under a doctor’s supervision) for up to 70 days since the end of the last menstrual period. This medicine is taken in combination with Misoprostol, which is taken a while after taking Mifepristone, to complete the abortion process.

In simple terms, the Morning-After Pill is a single pill that needs to be taken soon after unprotected sex. The Abortion Pill is a combination of two medicines taken at different times to complete abortion in a 70-day window.

One can purchase the Morning-After Pill from any pharmacy. Everyone has the legal right to access birth control any time they wish. Someone can try to take all the precautions they can and use regular birth control methods, such as condoms, but can still get pregnant.

Therefore, in the event of standard birth control methods failing, Morning-After Pills and Abortion Pills are proven methods for people to practice birth control independently. After all, Emergency Contraception is a fundamental right of everyone.

How Does the Morning-After Pill Work?

The common form of Morning-After Pill prevents fertilisation. It is highly effective at reducing the chances of pregnancy. When Levonelle is taken within 72 hours (3 days) of having unprotected sex, the Progestin compounds in it will reduce the chance of pregnancy by about 75 percent. If the pill is taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, its chances of cancelling pregnancy are raised up to 95 percent.

The Morning-After Pill is safe for almost everyone. The intended result is achieved by taking the pill without any adverse effects.

How Does the Abortion Pill Work?

Mifepristone ends a pregnancy by blocking the hormones used to maintain a pregnancy. After Mifepristone, the second medication is Misoprostol, which contracts the uterus and expels its contents.

The Abortion Pill is very effective at ending pregnancies at an early stage. A successful abortion will occur in over 97% of people who take Mifepristone, followed by Misoprostol. In the rare chance that the abortion pill fails to induce an abortion, medical professionals will have to use other methods to end the pregnancy.

Millions of people around the world have safely used the abortion pill. However, there are some risks associated with most medical interventions, and abortion is no exception.

What Are the Side Effects of the Morning-After Pill?

The most common side effect of taking the morning-after pill is nausea and vomiting. Other side effects include tenderness of the breast, abdominal pains, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and unexpected bleeding.

What Are the Side Effects of the Abortion Pill?

The most commonly reported side effects of the Abortion Pill are similar to a miscarriage. These include side effects such as bleeding, abdominal pain, changes in the body’s temperature, and an upset stomach.

How Long Does the Morning-After Pill Take to Work?

One of the most common Morning-After Pills is a combination of hormone pills that are taken in two doses that are 12 hours apart. Levonelle contains Levonorgestrel, taken in one dose.

Take note. If your menstrual cycle is a week later than usual after taking the Morning-After Pill, you should consult your doctor and take a pregnancy test, as that is not supposed to happen.

How Long Does the Abortion Pill Take to Work?

When Mifepristone, the first Abortion Pill is taken, it begins working immediately. Misoprostol is taken next. Some people may begin spotting before taking the second medication. Most, however, start bleeding and cramping after taking the first part of the abortion pill. 

Heavy bleeding can continue for up to 13 days, and spotting can last for a few weeks.

Statistically, over 90 percent of abortions induced by Mifepristone are completed within a week of taking it.morning-after-pill-by-iq-doctor

Where to Get the Morning-After Pill

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