8 Best Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

16 May, 2022  |  Raja

8 Best Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

If you have been searching for ways to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss, you will find numerous ideas online. Some will tell you how to stop balding and others will present ways to regrow any lost hair. However, not everything works as presented, and that is why we have put together a  hand-picked list of hair growth methods that can help you maximise the health of your hair and scalp. 

Reduce stress

stressed out person

When you're under a lot of stress, your hair follicles can enter into a state known as 'Telogen Effluvium'.

When you start to produce excess Telogen Effluvium, a substantial fraction of your hair follicles enter a "resting" stage, known as a 'telogen phase', which is the opposite of the active growth stage known as the 'anagen phase'.

Hair follicles in the telogen phase do not grow at the average pace and eventually start to shed.

Fortunately, Telogen Effluvium begins to reverse and enter the growth stage again after the stressor has passed.

Eat Healthy Foods

vegetables and fruits

Food products with nutrients and vitamins in the right amount are all practical tools for slowly growing hair. Foods that contain Vitamins A, C, D, E, proteins, zinc and iron are all vital hair loss prevention tools. Some of the best food items that contain these ingredients are:

  • meat, fish and poultry

  • Seafood

  • Eggs

  • Milk

  • Strawberries

  • sweet potatoes

  • Carrots

  • Spinach

  • Cantaloupe

  • papaya

Massage the scalp

Is it normal to see your scalp through your hair? - No, it’s not, and there are ways to address it. Scalp massages are great at promoting hair growth and many studies in recent years show a definite link between a scalp massage and improved hair growth. When the scalp is massaged for an average of 4 minutes every day for 24 weeks, the massage upregulates hair growth genes and increases the thickness of shafts of hair. The hair growth-boosting effects of scalp massages have been attributed to the stretching force applied to the scalp's epidermal cells. This means that the massage can be given by a massage machine or a manual massage from a masseuse. There isn't any drawback to this method for promoting hair growth, so give scalp massages a try if you want to try a non-invasive hair growth method.

Use coconut oil 

coconut oil

Coconut oil has been found to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and effectively aid hair growth.

In a recent study, the effects of coconut oil were observed in both damaged and non-damaged hair. The results showed that it helps to minimise protein loss in both types of hair. Therefore, coconut oil may improve hair's general health and prevent hair loss due to injury.

Coconut oil is safe to use, inexpensive, does not block any pores, and appears to improve the health of the hair and scalp, which could lead to reduced shedding.

Use Vitamins and Supplements

The vitamins and supplements listed below have been observed to be effective aids for encouraging average, healthy hair growth:

Iron, zinc, l-Lysine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E are essential vitamins for the hair and the body.

Biotin, also called vitamin B₇, is another vital supplement that is effective and improves the growth of hair and nails. For Biotin, you should plan to consume about 2 mg to 5mg per day.

While taking supplements for hair growth, one factor to keep in mind is that if you are already getting a daily dose of these through food, your body will eliminate the extra vitamins and supplements, leaving no noticeable change in your hair.

The advantage of vitamins and supplements is that any of your deficiencies will be addressed and more hair growth will follow. For example, taking Biotin through a supplement is an effective hair growth strategy on its own as it is water-soluble, and it is rapidly absorbed by the body and starts improving hair growth right away.