New Migraine Treatments: What are they and How do they work?

28 March, 2022  |  Raja

New Migraine Treatments: What are they and How do they work?

Based on recent advances in science, patients who suffer from migraines now have some of the best medication for migraines. Today, the broad range of new and alternative migraine treatments is the result of several new migraine-specific medications in recent years. If you suffer from migraine headaches, you should know what your options are and the possible benefits and risks of each option.

The new treatments that are available for migraine sufferers are good news for many patients with acute migraine. Before developing the migraine-specific class of drugs,  many patients were unable to get enough relief from their migraines, despite trying many older medications.

Because most of the medications used to treat migraines were created for other disorders such as epilepsy, the new class of drugs has the benefit of providing neurologists and other health professionals a better justification for approaching migraine treatment. The latest migraine drugs are specially designed to target pathophysiologic pathways in the brain that are involved in causing a migraine headache. These newer medications have the benefit of providing more significant pain relief while having fewer side effects. 

riptan class migraine medications

Older Migraine Treatments 

In the past, when health professionals had to treat migraine patients, the usual treatment was to prescribe medicines made to treat blood pressure problems or seizures. They prescribed these medications because they were moderately effective at lessening the pain of a headache. The drawback of such medications to migraine patients was that they did not work for everyone. They either gave partial relief or had no effect on migraines at all. This is why the invention of new drugs designed to deal with migraines are so important.  

Overview Of New Migraine Medications: