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Circadin (Melatonin) 2mg Tablets



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What is melatonin?

Sleep is regulated by a hormone produced naturally in the brain called melatonin. In the UK, melatonin is currently licensed to treat insomnia.   In a recent study, it was found that taking melatonin at night after travelling 5 or more easterly time zones decreased jet lag in 8 out of 10 participants of the trial. Melatonin was also found to be effective in reducing jet lag when travelling 2 to 4 time zones.



Treatments for jet lag

A Treatment for jet leg is available via IQ Doctor’s online clinic. This treatment is a form of a naturally produced hormone. This medication is licensed to treat insomnia but isn’t licensed to treat jet lag however there evidence is available which demonstrates that this treatment can effectively treat jet lag when flying over several time zones.

A study by the Cochrane collaboration has demonstrated the effectiveness of melatonin as a treatment for jet lag.



How do I take this medication?

Take one tablet at night for up to 5 days on arrival. Do not take this treatment for more than 5 days.

Treatment is available in quantities of 10 tablets (suitable for at treating at least 2 episodes of jet lag, 20 tablets suitable for treating at least 4 episodes of jet lag, or 30 tablets (suitable for treating at least 6 episodes of jet lag.



Are there any side effects

Side effects are rare but some individuals have reported a dry mouth, irritability, dizziness. This treatment may cause drowsiness or increase the sedative effect of other medications. For more on side effects please see the patient information leaflet.



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