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Male Fertility Test

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Male Fertility Test
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Male Fertility

It is estimated that 7% of men in the UK are affected by infertility and 10-15% of men who are infertile have a deficiency of sperm (FertilityFamily UK). A low sperm count is known as oligozoospermia, this is where a mean has less than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen.

A low sperm count can cause difficulty for those who are aiming to conceive naturally. 

Male Fertility Test

Our male fertility test is incredibly useful for men who may be finding it challenging to conceive, especially if this issue is still prevalent after a year of trying. The test requires a sample of your semen testing the SP-10 protein which is only present in sperm cells, with 98% accuracy, it will be able to detect the qualitative amount of sperm concentration. If results are fewer than 15 million ml, this is usually a sign of male infertility. With results and confirmation, you will be able to find the next steps with your doctor for a more complete assessment of your fertility.


What's included in my test kit?

  • Test Cassette

  • Collection Cup

  • Workstation

  • Semen transfer device

  • Sample dilution buffer


Make sure to read all the information in the package before performing the test

  • This test can only be used using human semen and cannot be used with other specimens of body fluids.

  • The kit should not be frozen or used after the best before date printed on the package.

  • Once the test cassette is opened, use it as soon as possible to refrain from being exposed to the air which can result in the test not functioning properly.

  • Keep the kit within room temperature, store in a cool, dry area at 2C-30C.

  • The sample should be collected within 3-7 days after the last ejaculation.

Specimen collection and preparation

  • Before taking the test, it is vital that the individual taking the test abstains from any sexual activity for 3-7 days. This allows for the volume and quality of the semen to be at its peak, giving a more accurate result

  • Make sure that the semen is not contaminated during collection.


Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before taking the test.

  1. Open the foil packet and take out the test cassette on a flat surface.

  2. Collect semen in the liquefaction cup supplied.

  3. Allow the sample to be left for 60 minutes until fully liquefied

  4. Take the semen transfer syringe and fill the device up to 0.1ml as indicated on the device with the semen sample.  The sample should then be added to the sample tube that includes the sample dilution. 

  5. Ensure that the sample tube is closed and turn the vial sample upside down 5-10 times to ensure that the solution is mixed well.

  6. Once the solution is mixed, open the cap and transfer the sample from the sample tube onto the test cassette. Transfer 2 full drops and start the timer.

  7. Read the results after 5 minutes of the process. Do not interpret the results after 10 minutes.

Reading the results

NORMAL - Two colour lines are visible - One line on control (C) marker and one line of test (T) marker.

ABNORMAL - Only one coloured line is visible - One line on the control (C) marker but no line on the test (T) marker.

INVALID - No visible marker lines present or only one line on the test (T) marker. This can suggest there was insufficient specimen volume or that the test was not taken correctly.

Make sure to read the instructions over again and repeat with a new test. 

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