What to Expect When You Take the Morning-After Pill

30 April, 2021  |  Raja


The morning-after pill is the most common kind of emergency contraception. Emergency contraception is used to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex or when the standard birth control method has failed.

The morning-after pill should be treated as a backup method of contraception only, not as the primary way to practice birth control. Morning-after pills like Levonelle and ellaOne contain artificial forms of natural hormones such as Levonorgestrel or Ulipristal Acetate. Ulipristal Acetate is available only with a prescription, whereas  Levonorgestrel is available over the counter.


When Is Emergency Birth Control Needed?

If you have unprotected sex, you can use the morning-after pills to prevent pregnancy. You may also need emergency contraception if you forget to take a birth control pill. EC is a way to secure yourself if your usual birth control method fails. If a person is sexually assaulted, emergency contraception becomes essential.

Keep in mind that morning-after pills do not interfere with an artificially implanted pregnancy. Their primary purpose is to delay or prevent ovulation.


Is There Any Risk in Taking the Morning-After Pill?

The morning-after pill is a very effective method of preventing pregnancy after having unprotected sex, but it is not as effective as other, more common birth control methods. 

It is not recommended for regular use. 

Remember that even if you use the morning-after pill correctly, it can still fail. It is also worth noting that the morning-after pill also doesn’t provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

You should avoid the morning-after pill if:

  • You are taking any medication that can reduce the effectiveness of the morning-after pill, such as St. John’s Wort or barbiturates.

  • You are allergic to any of the components of the morning-after pill.

There is also a chance that the morning-after pill would not be very effective in preventing pregnancy if you are obese or overweight. Also, if you are breastfeeding, ulipristal acetate is not recommended.